Sunday. I. Never. Want. To. Leave.


Beautiful, isn’t it?

As I look at this picture I can’t help thinking about my relationship with food. Like so many life-long relationships, our status remains the same: It’s complicated.

At one time in my life food felt like the enemy. I love it – the smell, the texture, the feeling really good food gives my brain and my body. But, despite the positives there were so many draw-backs. I am female, have some impulse-control problems, and am from a family of people who struggle with weight and health issues; I’m genetically predisposed to loose in every battle I wage with really good food. So, for a time I thought, why fight in a war you can’t win?

Funny thing is, I’ve never been much for war. So I decided to stop fighting and try for peace instead. If food was not my enemy, what was it?

Food is:

An essential component to keeping a human being alive.

A joyous and cerebral experience.



My ally.

Bad food and bad boys – they fall into the same category. In any relationship, when you go for the so-good-it’s-bad, head-rush, over-the-top guy ALL the time and NOT in moderation…it can be hazardous to your health. But a little bit of bad boy – in the right amounts – never hurt anybody. 😉

And that is what I’m spending my time teaching myself. Make good choices, don’t deprive yourself of the good stuff (or BAD stuff – depending on your position), and things that fuel you, refresh you, and bring you joy are good…in the right amounts.




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