Hot Guy . Making Cookies . ‘Nuff Said .


Those sweet, crisp, delicious sins of the tongue.  I’ve decided that I WILL learn to make these devil’s treats – especially because I can’t continue paying $3.00 per cookie at Whole Foods.


So…I did what I do and took my search to the YouTubes – and holy pistachio cookies – I found my new food OBSESSION.  Enter: Byron Talbot and his YouTube cooking show. At this point I have watched hours – no – DAYS of this handsome devil (and his super cute family) experiment, cook, bake, and sample all kinds of food that I WANT TO EAT NOW.

Wait.  Didn’t this post start out about macarons? Well, if I’m obsessed with Byron – Byron is obsessed with macarons.  He has a whole playlist. And this, ladies and gentlemen, is worth your time.

Take a look. Subscribe. Salivate. You’re Welcome.

(Clicky, Clicky!)  Byron Talbot – “Thin Mint” Macarons



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